Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Feeling Better.

I wasn't feeling so hot for the last couple days. But today I am better and I can hold my food down just fine. I am not as tired as I was. Phew, I am glad that's over with. My parents are grateful that my barf is usually just water or whole chunks of my food. They tell me its easier to clean up than Cat barf, and it doesn't have hair in it either.
This morning I tried to tell my mom and dad to stay home with me and scratch my belly and my ears all day, but they weren't hearing me. They got dressed in their people clothes and went to work. Maybe tomorrow i will try again, and this time I will put a little more "paw" into it. I want to show you all some of my puppy pictures when I have a chance. For now, its nap time again.

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